Assesses blood pressure, heart rate, respiration Checks oxygen saturation Provides treatments such as wound care, blood sugar monitoring and medication administration Assesses tolerance of new medications, assessing for adverse side effects Teaches regarding medications, diet and signs and symptoms of a developing problem Teaches the patient how to manage their illness, disease or compensate [...]

Physical Therapy


Provides Home Safety Assessments Offers Fall Risk Assessments Works to Improve Ambulation Stability/Functional Mobility Increases Physical Endurance Teach Energy Conservation Techniques Evaluate for Safety Equipment Specializes in Parkinson's Disease Treatment Programs

Occupational Therapy


Works to Increase Independence with Activities of Daily Living: Bathing Grooming Dressing Personal Care Needs Eating Toileting Works to Increase Independence with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living: Meal Preparation Routine Household Tasks Ability to Use Telephone Laundry Grocery Shopping

Social Work


Psychosocial Assessments Short Term Counseling Emotional Support for Patient and Caregiver Coping Techniques Exploring Community Resources Exploring Financial Resources

Palliative Care


Palliative care is for people of any age and at any stage in an illness who are suffering from symptoms of a disease or disorder, and are seeking a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to their plan of care.  Be sure to ask your current physician for a referral for a palliative care [...]

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