Franciscan Home Care and Hospice Care is part of a larger network of services offered by the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist. Locally, in Connecticut other services include:

Franciscan Ever There Care

Franciscan Ever There Care, founded in 2010 by the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist as an affiliate of Franciscan Home Care and Hospice Care, provides services to individuals and families who need assistance to remain safe and secure at home.

Franciscan ETC fosters independence and can provide any of the following private pay services in the home:
• Personal Care Assistants
• Companions
• Homemakers
• 24-Hour Live-in Personal Care Assistants
• Alzheimer’s Personal Care Assistants
• Transportation Assistance
• Lawn and Maintenance Services
• Hospital Patient Companions
• Hospice Care Companions
• Respite for Family Caregivers

As a Catholic agency, Franciscan Ever There Care serves people of all faiths with respect and care, in light of the Catholic belief in the dignity of the human person.

Location: 273 Finch Avenue, Meriden, CT 06451
Phone: 203-630-2881
Web site:


Franciscan Life Center

The Franciscan Life Center is licensed by the State of Connecticut as an outpatient mental health clinic and provides counseling, marriage and family therapy, psychiatric evaluations, psychological assessments and related mental health services. The staff comprises a medical director, psychiatrists, a clinical psychologist, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers and counselors.

Also available are programs of educational and spiritual enrichment, youth programs, residential care for older persons, programs providing support of and collaboration among older persons and pro-life ministry.

Location: 271 Finch Avenue, Meriden, CT 06451
Phone: 203-237-8084
Web site:

Franciscan Service-based Land Program

The Franciscan Community Service-based Land Program was established by the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist as a volunteer service program for young adults seeking an opportunity to pursue personal growth, learn work skills and to relate to the needs of soil, plants and animals, and the cycles of nature.

Through manual labor and instruction under a Franciscan master, combined with classes on the teachings of the Church regarding work, young people gain a deeper understanding of nature and of the Catholic faith and God’s place in their lives.

Location: 271 Finch Avenue, Meriden, CT 06451
Phone: 203-237-8084

Franciscan Pottery

Franciscan Pottery, directed by Sister Maria Sena, FSE, offers thrown and hand-built pottery for sale as a service of the Franciscan Service Corporation. The Lucy Pottery Studio, named in memory of Sister Maria’s mother, provides clay therapy for clients of the Franciscan Life Center.

Location: 271 Finch Avenue, Meriden, CT 06451
Phone: 203-237-8084

Synergic Systems

Synergic Systems is a consulting service of the Franciscan Service Corporation offering organizational consulting, web site design and development. As St. Francis was called to “rebuild the Church,” Synergic Systems consultants bring this Franciscan spirit of rebuilding to clients, using relational consulting skills and technology to serve and facilitate the sacred purpose of human life, work and creativity.

Location: 264 East Main Street, Meriden, CT 06450
Phone: 203-634-0000
Web site: