Thank you, health care and hospice care nurses, for your commitment and dedication to those for whom we care in Franciscan Home Care and Hospice Care.

Our Home Care Nurses

From left:  Colleen Hesbach, RN; Jack Welch, LPN; Lisa Cox, RN; Kristine Zullo, RN, Fran Mahoney, RN; Sue Amnott, RN; Doreen Notarfrancesco, RN; Stacy Kubeck, RN;  Sue Cammarata, RN; Anna Kurtoglu, RN, Nursing Supervisor; Marie Laffin, RN, Clinical Director

Our Hospice Care Nurses

From left: Sister Jilda Marie, Chabot, RN; Agnes Dion, RN; Laura Borrelli, RN, Hospice Director; Jan Louiselle, RN.

Far right photo: Mary Alice Rossini, RN and Laura Holzhauer, RN